19 thoughts on “FOOD

  1. A clerk in a gardening store smiled at his next customer, and asked “May I help you?”
    “Yes,” replied the customer. “I’d like to buy three dozen strawberry plants, a long-handled spade, a hoe, and a revolving sprinkler.”
    The clerk said “Very well, sir.” Then, after locating all of the items, he stepped over to a stack of 50 pound bags of steer manure, piled on a utility cart. As he lifted a bag over his shoulder, he said, “And I’m sure you’ll be needing some of this as well,” as he plopped the bag down on the counter with the rest of the merchandise.
    “What’s that for?” asked the customer.
    “To spread on top of the strawberries,” said the clerk.
    ”Gee!” exclaimed the customer. “Back home, we always put sugar and cream on ours!”

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