5 thoughts on “TRAVEL & CAR

  1. During a commuter flight on a three-engine jetliner, the pilot came on the intercom and announced that one of the engines had failed. He said that there was no real risk, as the plane could actually fly on only one engine if necessary, but they would be about forty-five minutes late getting to their destination. One of the passengers became upset, and very impatient, as he had an important business meeting that he couldn’t afford to miss.
    Then, a few minutes later, the pilot came on the intercom to announce that another engine had failed. He again reassured the passengers that the plane could still fly safely, but the delay in landing would now be at least an hour and a half. The man was overcome with worry, and began pacing up and down in the aisle, as the flight attendant tried to reassure him that there was no real risk to his safety. “That may be true,” said the man, “but if that third engine fails, we’ll be up here all day!”

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  2. As a policeman pulled a motorist over for going the wrong way down a one-way street, he asked, “And just where do you think you’re going?”
    “I’m not sure!” said the motorist, “But wherever it is, I must be late; everybody’s coming back!”

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