13 thoughts on “WORK

  1. A man wanted to join a monastery, where they sold fish and chips to sustain themselves financially. When the man in charge told him to report to the man in the kitchen, he went there, and asked the first man he saw, “Are you the fish friar?” to which he replied, “No, I’m the chip monk!”

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  2. A guy was applying for a job as a switchman on the railroad. The interviewer asked him to imagine that he was standing at his assigned switch with instructions to hold it in a certain position. “But you looked up the tracks and saw a train coming, and then looked down the tracks to see another train coming from the other direction, and it was clear that if you didn’t move the switch, the two trains would surely collide head-on!” said the interviewer. “What would you do?” The man said, “I’d run to find a phone!” “And who would you call?” said the interviewer, “I’d call my brother!” said the man. “Why in the world would you call your brother?” asked the interviewer, to which the man replied, “My brother’s never seen a train wreck!”

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