5 thoughts on “MARRIAGE

  1. As a man and his wife lay in bed talking one evening, somehow the subject turned to the eventuality of one of them dying. The husband posed the question, “If I die before you, do you think you will marry again?” “Yes, I probably will.” his wife answered. “Would you sell our house?” he asked. “No, I like this house,” she answered. “Would you both sleep in our bed?” he continued. “Sure!” she replied, “I don’t see why not.” “But you wouldn’t let him use my golf clubs, would you?” “Oh of course not!” she exclaimed, “He’s left-handed!”


  2. As she was working on a crossword puzzle, a wife asked her husband, “Honey, what does “reincarnation” mean?” Her husband answered, “That’s the belief by some people that after death, we each come back to life as a different being.” “I think I’d like to come back as a cow…” said the wife, to which the husband replied, “You’re not listening!”


  3. A man and his wife were walking along the boardwalk when suddenly the man put his hand to his face and cried, “Eww! That pigeon got me right in the eye!” “Oh, I’m sorry honey!” said his wife. “I wish I had some tissue to wipe it off!” “Don’t be silly dear!” said her husband. “He must be miles away by now!”


  4. After a man’s wife announced that she was leaving him, he grabbed a gun from the night-table drawer and pointed it to his temple. His wife knew that the gun wasn’t loaded, and began to laugh hysterically. “Don’t laugh! shouted the husband, You’re next!”


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