12 thoughts on “SCHOOL

  1. During a history lesson, a teacher asked a little boy in her third grade class, “What was Abraham Lincoln most famous for?” “Oh, that’s easy,” said the boy, “for chopping down his father’s cherry tree.” But the snickering and giggling that filled the classroom told him immediately that he had gotten the presidents mixed up.
    So, when the teacher then asked him, “What did “Abraham” say, when his father asked him to tell the truth?” the little boy quickly responded with, “He said “Father, I cannot tell a lie! George Washington did it!””

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  2. Teacher: “Can anyone tell me how old the earth is?”
    Student: “Oh I know this one! The earth is four billion, five hundred million, and three years old!”
    Teacher: “How in the world did you possibly come up with that figure?”
    Student: “I’ve taken this class three times now, and the first time I took it, the earth was four billion, five hundred million years old!”

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